The Multicalendar Project started 10 years ago and ever since I’ve done my best to give you a unique piece of art. Each Multicalendar contains a set of interesting information about the world or events that occur the given year.

Multicalendar 2010 was created in a wooden cottage on the edge of vast lakes and woods. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it is true :-) The project is intended for 28 years because after that time the Gregorian calendar cycle will be repeated.

The latest edition for 2019 is a tribute to M2010. It is made of four layers: three separately screen printed in cyan, magenta and yellow on transparent foil, the fourth one is black paper background. You can use them separately or as one calendar set.

Each foil contains:
Holidays of 14 faiths
Gregorian calendar
Lunar calendar
The symbol of Earth
Cyan: Dymaxion map of major denominations and religions of the world
Magenta: Dymaxion map of early human migrations
Yellow: Dymaxion map of 100 biggest cities

From the very beginning, Multicalendars have been issued in limited and manually numbered editions of 50 items what adds up to their uniqueness.

Become one of the 50 lucky ones :)

If you have the previous edition, write to me for a special offer.

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